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Tuesday, February 20 2018 @ 01:38 PM GMT

mathematics LEVEL 4 4N2138, 4N1987

Any started the new maths programmes?

I have one group finishing the old Level 4 programme next April (2012) and I have two new groups hoping to start the new  4N2138 but the only problem it has not yet been authorised by my organisation!

I cant run the old programme as we have it as a two year cycle in our centre and it will be passed the deadline in 2013.

Anyone else having this prob?

Fetac level 5 Business Computing

Fetac Level 5 Businsess Computing Module.

Please help me with this question>

child devellopment level 6


Teaching child development level 6 for the first time, Would appreciate any information regarding assignments for this module. It seems observations are a big part of it. How does it compare to level 5 in this regard. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


PAYE for Tutors

Hi all

        has anybody heard of new regulations whereby contracted tutors must
be paid on a paye basis? I find with travelling long distances and not
being able to claim expenses for travel etc that its just not worth while working at
training and am considering just getting a part-time job locally.



Hi all


has anybody heard of new regulations whereby contracted tutors must be paid on a paye basis?  I find with travelling long distances and not being able to claim expenses that its just not worth while working at training 

Word Processing B20032

Hi My name is Margaret and I am a newbie on here.
I hope I am posting this to the proper section.


Everyone ready for CAS? No one has posted about it!

The whole awards system is changing!


Any views on   common award system happening in May 2011? Programmes leading to the new level 3 common awards must be written by the provider and validated by prior to being offered to learners.The old system of awards cannot be mixed with the new common awards system on the same certificate.The new system is available from December 2011.

How does this affect students who are half way through the old system and not due to finish until 2012?

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The principle objective of this website is to create a forum for tutors delivering FETAC courses to come together.

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Anyone running a course which is not funded by the Department of Education can not get support from the NCVA support services. Hopefully this site can be of help to them also. 

Every tutor who delivers a course has to create their own notes and handouts. It seems ridiculous that this process is being repeated over and over. Therefore it is hoped that tutors will use the Resource section of this website to upload and share their notes


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